June 2023

Data-Driven Lubrication: Enhancing Efficiency through Connected Worker Technology

Eric Whitley Eric Whitley
author photo For over 30 years, Eric Whitley has been a noteworthy leader in the Manufacturing space. In addition to the many publications and articles Eric has written on various manufacturing topics, you may know him from his efforts leading the Total Productive Maintenance effort at Autoliv ASP or from his involvement in the Management Certification programs at The Ohio State University, where he served as an adjunct faculty member. Learn More

It's difficult to open an industry publication and not read about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced analytics and connected workers. Although this technology and its potential are exciting, many companies don't have the resources for a complete digital transformation and will be using legacy equipment for years to come. However, digitalization and connected workers don’t need to be an all-or-nothing discussion.

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Outsmart oil contaminants

Even a small amount of contaminants can shorten equipment life. Discover what makes ISOCLEAN the proven way to avoid damage that leads to unplanned downtime and costly equipment failures.

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As I See It

The Era of Mobile Dominance: Smartphones are Overtaking Machinery Lubrication Management

Bennett Fitch Bennett Fitch

The industry is mainly on the upsweep of the “hype curve” concerning AI, but there will definitely be significant adoption in many facets of operations, maintenance and reliability. What all of this will look like is yet to be fully realized. Like any new tool or technology, this will require a cultural shift in many facilities which can cause friction and frustration. Read More »


Public Utility Reliability

In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes is joined by Scott Furman, Reliability Coordinator at the City of Tulsa, to discuss the growing need for reliability in public utilities, how tough it can be to sell the need for public utility reliability and what the City of Tulsa is doing in this space.

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Get a Grip on Contamination Problems

Easily inspect oil’s color and clarity and drain water contamination with the Hex-Duty Sight Glass. This innovative tool is built to withstand harsh environments. Applications include pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and fluid-lubricated machinery.

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Ascend Roadmap

When to Use a Single Point Lubricator

Jeremie Edwards Jeremie Edwards

I like to say, “When it comes to a lubrication program, success is found in the details.” What I mean by that is to document every little detail, and it all starts with creating a consolidated lubricant list. A legible, color-coded, labeled lube list is the key to ensuring that your lubrication program starts on the right foot. Read More »

Task-Based Training

Regreasing an Electric Motor

Noria Media Noria Media

An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is a common type of motor used in various applications, ranging from industrial machinery and household appliances to electric vehicles and robotics. Regreasing an electric motor is important for several reasons. In this article from our Task-Based Training series, we’ll explore why it’s important to regrease an electric motor and the steps you should take when regreasing one. Read More »


Root Cause Analysis

Jonathan Trout Jonathan Trout

Root cause analysis is a systematic approach for uncovering the root cause of problems. In this article, we’ll look at how to conduct a root cause analysis, including the tools and methods used and the phases of the reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) process. Read More »


A Comprehensive Exploration of Tribology: Unveiling the Historical Evolution

Noria Media Noria Media

Tribology, the science of friction, wear, and lubrication, is a multidisciplinary field that has revolutionized the world of machinery and materials. Understanding the historical evolution of tribology provides valuable insights into the advancements that have shaped modern industries. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intriguing history of tribology, from its ancient origins to its contemporary applications. Read More »

Sight Glass

sight glass

Featuring a roundup of news, upcoming events, social media updates and more, the Sight Glass is your go-to spot for keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in our industry. Read More »