May 2023

ChatGPT in Lubrication

As I See It

Wes Cash Wes Cash
author photo Wes Cash is the Vice President of Services for Noria Corporation. He serves as a senior technical consultant for Lubrication Program Development projects and as a senior instructor for Noria’s Oil Analysis I and II as well as the Machinery Lubrication I and II training courses. Wes is an enthusiastic, relatable speaker who connects effortlessly with his audience. His style and easy-to-understand approach to the curriculum creates an interactive forum for learning. Learn More

The industry is mainly on the upsweep of the “hype curve” concerning AI, but there will definitely be significant adoption in many facets of operations, maintenance and reliability. What all of this will look like is yet to be fully realized. Like any new tool or technology, this will require a cultural shift in many facilities which can cause friction and frustration.

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The Leading Global Supplier of Finished Lubricants

Shell has been named the number one global lubricants supplier for the 16th year in a row according to the 20th edition of Kline & Company’s report Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment 2021.

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Assessing Oxidation Condition and Lubricant Refreshment in Turbine Oils

Andrés B. Lantos Andrés B. Lantos Dave Wooton Dave Wooton Sebastián Lauría Sebastián Lauría Andrés Bodner Andrés Bodner Gabriel Lucchiari Gabriel Lucchiari Esteban Lantos Esteban Lantos

Turbines are critical equipment for power plants and industries. Varnish formation is the first root cause of downtime and loss of reliability in turbines. Lubricant oxidation condition can be effectively monitored through RULER, MPC and RPVOT tests. Besides the nominal value they offer, significant information can be gathered from digging into these tests and integrating their outcomes. Read More »


The Golden Age of Lubrication

In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes is joined by Jim Fitch, CEO and founder of Noria Corporation, to discuss “The Golden Age of Lubrication.” From cutting his teeth as a technician in his father’s fluid power research center at Oklahoma State University to writing his first industry article in 1975 on the history of fluid power and hydraulics, Jim shares how he got started in the industry and how his experiences have led to his perception of this being “The Golden Age of Lubrication.”

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Get a Grip on Contamination Problems

Easily inspect oil’s color and clarity and drain water contamination with the Hex-Duty Sight Glass. This innovative tool is built to withstand harsh environments. Applications include pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and fluid-lubricated machinery.

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Ascend Roadmap

The Importance of a Lubricant List

Paul Farless Travis Richardson

I like to say, “When it comes to a lubrication program, success is found in the details.” What I mean by that is to document every little detail, and it all starts with creating a consolidated lubricant list. A legible, color-coded, labeled lube list is the key to ensuring that your lubrication program starts on the right foot. Read More »

Task-Based Training

Inspecting a Single Point Lubricator

Noria Media Noria Media

A single-point lubricator is a device engineered to regularly and automatically deliver a small amount of clean grease or lubricating oil to a specific area. Learn how to properly perform an inspection on a single point automatic lubricator. Read More »

Lube Champs

Anna Noe, Knauf Insulation

Noria Media Noria Media

This month, we’re proud to feature Anna Noe, a lubrication technician at Knauf Insulation, as our Lube Champ. Starting at Knauf Insulation in 2018, Noe spent one year as an operator before moving into a lubrication technician role, where she soon realized the need for training. Read More »


Smart Labor: Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Staff

Spectro Scientific Spectro Scientific

The recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce is key to any industry, but it is increasingly critical for the energy sector as it transitions to more sustainable technologies. Hiring the right talent – and keeping it – will be essential to countries around the world looking to secure their energy supplies, and so it falls upon energy providers to find a solution. Read More »

Sight Glass

sight glass

Featuring a roundup of news, upcoming events, social media updates and more, the Sight Glass is your go-to spot for keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in our industry. Read More »