January 2023

A History of Oil Analysis

The first systemic applications of oil analysis began in the late 1940s. Since that time, oil analysis has grown vastly in complexity and capabilities. In this, the first of our monthly history series, we will look at the inception and rise of oil analysis. Specifically, we will be looking at the development and implementation of elemental spectroscopy, ferrography and infrared spectroscopy.

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Your Time is Valuable – Let LubePM do the Work

Managing a lubrication program doesn’t have to be complicated. Let LubePM make it simple. LubePM minimizes the required daily work by focusing on what is important and automating the rest. Tasks are auto-generated and uniquely created for each lubricated asset, taking the work out of work management.

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As I See It

There is Nothing More Certain Than Change

Jim Fitch Jim Fitch

The History and legacy of Machinery Lubrication. What it has accomplished and what the future holds. Read More »

Ascend Roadmap

How to Conduct Machine Inspections and Put Inspection Data to Use

Travis Richardson Travis Richardson

In today’s world, making data-driven decisions lies at the foundation of a top-tier maintenance program. A good chunk of this data is collected through machine inspection, whether it’s checking oil level in a sight glass or performing a more advanced inspection like measuring bearing friction with ultrasonic tools. When gathered correctly and consistently, the data from machine inspections can be a powerful tool to unlock higher profit margins, less downtime and longer machine life. Read More »

Task-Based Training

Inspecting a Desiccant Breather

Breathers are used to dehumidify incoming air and the headspace of equipment while also restricting the ingression of small particulates. These breathers are pivotal to a healthy machine, but they don’t last forever and can become damaged. Implementing proper inspection techniques can help ensure you have the right breather and that it is operating as intended. Read More »

Lube Champs

Meet Jerid Jackson — Our Inaugural Lube Champ

Welcome to the debut of “Lube Champs,” an exciting feature of Machinery Lubrication Magazine. Each month, we will highlight lube champs, aka industry leaders, who are making proactive, sustainable changes at their facility through the implementation of best-practice maintenance and reliability programs. Read More »